Welcome to Blood Stripe Outdoors, an exceptional source for all the latest news, reviews, and information on guns, gear, fitness, and survivability. A community for straight talk and straight shooting, Blood Stripe Outdoors prides itself on its mission and core belief: enhancing survivability and foraging victory. 

Blood Stripe Outdoors started in 2014 under the name, “The AR-t of War,” as a small time blog run as a hobby. The goal was to simply develop a community of fellow patriots, sheep dogs, and modern day minutemen. As the webpage and community grew, the name and structure were changed to better reflect what the project was becoming: a one source hub for firearms and outdoor information.

Currently Blood Stripe Outdoors is written and run by a group of both current and former military members of several branches, including the United States Marine Corps and the United States Army. Some of our contributors are also current law enforcement officers or other subject matter experts in their respective fields.

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Oh and by the way… Semper Fidelis. 




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